She – A Character Profile

womenShe was forgotten easily by everyone she encountered. This part intrigued him. How can she walk through people’s lives without creating even the slightest impact on their memory? Then he realized it is because there is nothing memorable about her upon a first glance. She wasn’t exceptionally beautiful nor ugly; not a mean person, but not significantly kind either; she kept to herself, but was always a part of the crowd; and she did what was expected of her, but never more. She wasn’t wealthy, neither was she poor. Not a simple-minded person, but then again not ostentatiously intelligent either. She was good at everything she pursued, yet never the best. Because of this she sailed through life under the radar, unnoticed by peers and superiors alike. Why then did she make such an impression on him?

She was an exceptionally ordinary girl and still there was something about her. Something in the way she brushed her hair aside to show the wrinkles of concentration stretched across her forehead, lost in thought. Something in the way she walked: quickly, but not in a hurried fashion. A sort of happy bounce, swinging her arms a little too high, as if she would take off running at any given moment. She wasn’t breathtakingly gorgeous, but rather an average beauty. She looked much too young for her age, having a naturally skinny physique with a budding figure and knobby knees. She had long, thick hair that regretfully looked best in only one style: pulled back into a side ponytail, the only style she ever wore. Her greatest beauty was in her eyes. Some days they were a dull gray and others a brilliant blue, but always they were lit up as if she constantly laughed at a joke only she understood. Her thin lips rested upon her face, slightly curved upward, waiting to join her eyes in silent laughter. It was these features, subtle yet important, that gave the impression of a thorough contentment with her life. Every day she did something that no one else can do, be alone and be happy. And she was always alone. Even when surrounded by millions of people she gave the impression of being separated, as if she were merely a background character, irreplaceably there but having little significance. Unforgettably forgettable.


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