Possible Movie or Novel Story-line…?


Imagine this: Either from some unpredictable apocalyptic catastrophe or due to our species’ utter disregard for environmental preservation, the entire human race is wiped from existence. Then, 100 years later (maybe more, maybe less), the human species is randomly reintroduced onto the earth; not from some extraterrestrial alien interference, but either as an act of God or a form of rapid evolution (or maybe both, who knows?). We will call them Homo sapiens two (Hs2). Since the Hs2 are a product of rapid reproduction, their genetic makeup has surpassed the Homo neanderthalensis and their capacity for mental processing and intelligence is only somewhat less than that of the previous Homo sapiens. Now imagine being an Hs2 and living in a world that still shows evidence of a civilization prior to your time, but no evidence of the civilians; architectural structures still standing, overgrown but visible roads, and possible preservation of art and literature, but no traces of what species came before you. What would you think? How would you find out what happened to the human race? Would you build on the knowledge they have left behind for you, or would you start from scratch in hopes not to make the same mistakes they made?


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