He – A Character Profile


He has dark brown hair; short, but still thick; and just a little too messy, as if someone had just run their fingers through it. Underneath he has bright blue eyes, or maybe they’re green, but their color pops due to the contrast of his darker hair. He has little creases along the edges of his eyes, lines of laughter and hope. His teeth are clean and straight, bordered by soft but fairly thin lips that are often overlooked due to the fact that he is constantly grinning his charming, toothy smile. His skin is a warm tan color free from most blemishes, but still rough from long days of working under the sun. He has a simple athletic build —not mountains of muscles that bulge underneath his tight skin like the fitness nuts who spend their entire lives in a gym, but rather an average build that comes naturally from an active lifestyle. His biceps and forearms are thick, with rough but scrupulous hands, hands that carry a working memory of every job he’s ever worked. There’s a natural definition to his strong shoulders that allow you to trace the lines of his muscles all the way down his back and into the curvature of his butt. All of this is supported by long, strong, and sturdy legs. He’s not a giant, but he’s far from short; he stands at the perfect height that allows you to bury your face in his chest within a hug, but doesn’t require a step stool or stooping to hold a conversation with him. The perfect height for dancing, reaching top cabinets, and tippy-toe kisses.

He’s absolutely charming, but not in the traditional sense. He is not a vessel of testosterone that oozes confidence and strong sexuality that comes from a lifetime of coping with his overwhelming attractiveness; but rather, his charm originates from an awkward humbleness that is a result of a fairly recent blossoming of pleasant features. Bottom-line being that he was a dorky-looking, goofy kid who grew up to become a model-resembling, but still goofy man. Because of this, he has developed over the years a generally good-natured attitude and fun-loving sense of humor. He has the most wonderful sense of humor; a humor that isn’t about just enjoying comical stories or silly puns (although he extremely enjoys these things), but a humor that allows him to find the comedy in every story and every situation in life. To him, life is joke and he always has the perfect punchline. It’s easy for people with this comical, sarcastic mind to develop a brooding attitude towards life and individuals —for someone who always has a joke, it’s easy to subject others to being the butt of his ridicule— but he never uses his quick-wit or sarcasm against others, rather he does the opposite. His jocular attitude prompts him to see the best in every individual and he has a way of bringing this better side out of them. Rather than working hard to break people down, as some people do, he effortlessly builds others up and he radiates a good mood that insuppressible. Men and women, elderly and young, all gravitate towards him because of his way of making you feel important and cherished. He never presents himself as superior to anyone, but rather he reveres every life he comes in contact with. He’s the type of guy who would listen to an old man ramble for hours about his golden years; who would participate in the childish imaginary play of a four year old; and would sit in silence while you cried, not offering judgment or advice, but giving you the warm, comforting shoulder that you needed. Along with this, he also emanates a quirky, shameless excitement about the minutest details of life. He is passionate about his job, his family, his life, and his love; but he is also just as passionate about his PB&J’s, his favorite television show, his unsuccessful fishing career, and every type of board game. It doesn’t matter what he is doing at the moment or of what little importance it holds, he invests as much excitement, passion, and care into it as if it is the last thing he is allowed to do before he leaves this earth. And what’s more is he never tries to hide or suppress his excitement out of embarrassment or shame, but rather he wears his passions proudly upon his sleeve for the world to see.


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