To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

adventure is out there

I often feel like I’m living a life I wasn’t meant for. I feel trapped in the ideals that someone else has bestowed upon me, ideals that never quite matched my own. They tell me what matters in life is family, friends, health, wealth and security. They tell me that if I can latch on to these things, if I can allow these “simple things” to fill me up and satisfy me, then I can live a long life of happiness and content. But I can’t. I can’t live the life they’re telling me to live. I don’t want a roof over my head, I want a canopy of stars; I don’t want a million dollars in my pocket, I want countless memories in my mind; I don’t want to live forever, I want to live a life of danger and uncertainty; I don’t want the same few friends, I want strange faces and funny accents. The end goal for me is not to settle down with a picture perfect family, with kids and grandkids to carry on my name when I’m gone; rather, I want a relationship with the world, I want my legacy to be every place I’ve ever visited, every face I’ve ever met, every object I’ve ever touched. I came into this world with nothing, why then should I leave with anything more? Sometimes I feel like I’ve ran myself too far into the rut, I’ve convinced myself that I have to stay in this life because there’s no way to live outside of it. But I can no longer believe it. I can no longer live the life they’re asking me to live. One day, not today, but a tomorrow, I am going to leave. I’m going to take what little money I have, the few possessions I need, and I’ll be gone, just like that. And when they ask me where I’m headed, I’ll simply tell them “Off. I’m headed off.”


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