Cafe Romance


Setting the scene:

You’re sitting alone in the empty cafeteria, it’s one of those odd hours of the day, too early for dinner, too late for lunch. You have with you a small salad and an even smaller book, just biding your time before your laundry needs switching over. Engrossed in your book, you don’t notice the highly attractive guy entering the all but empty cafeteria, but he immediately notices you. He grabs his food tray and says loudly “hmm i wonder where i should sit?” Startled, you look up from your book and salad and giggle softly because you know that there’s no one else in the room, he’s obviously trying to grab your attention, but you’re still too shy to be like “sit by me!” Encouraged by the laugh, he begins to stride towards you and in your mind you’re frantically going through your checklist: how’s my hair, is there salad in my teeth, please dont fart…. he finally makes it to the table and politely taps you on the shoulder, “excuse me ma’am, i don’t mean to bother you but it seems like the cafe is kind of full today, would you mind terribly if i sit here?” Once again you giggle, but this time you add “not at all, sir” and he plays along saying quite regally, “ah, thank you.” Then he makes a big show of setting his tray down, unfolding his napkin and tucking it into his shirt. Picking up his fork and knife, he cuts a huge chunk of meat out of his steak, shoves it in his mouth, and then finally turns to you with a Flynn Ryder-esk charm, and says “Hey. Hows it going?”


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