Diamonds in Her Eyes


She was lovely like the lilies in May, but she had a ferocity that put even the angriest of storms to shame. Her rage did not sprout from the people who had wronged her; she like any normal, healthy being forgave and forgot and carried on with her life. No, rather she had a fury for life; a passion that hungered for every emotion and every experience, whether it belonged to her or to someone else. Her eyes seemed forever misty with the endless tears she cried; tears of joy, tears of hate, tears of defeat, tears for herself, tears for friends, and tears for strangers. Others would see her as unstable, a basket case who lacked the strength to keep her emotions at bay; but he thought her radiant, every tear a diamond that kept her eyes sparkling. He didn’t see her as broken, but rather more whole than anyone he’d ever met. She felt everything, experienced everything in its entirety; not a single detail was ever overlooked or neglected. He knew that anyone lucky enough to stake claim to her heart would receive a love boundless like the stars and endless like the very fabric of time itself. He only prayed that whoever that person may be is able to show her a similar love in return. A woman like that deserved nothing less.


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