My Words Made Real


Something funny happened today and I just had to share it with you, my nonexistent readers. In my writing I like to create characters, characters who either resemble myself or characters who I wish I would resemble. As you may recall, I wrote She – A Character Profile about a rather extraordinarily ordinary girl. Her most remarkable feature, I wrote, was her eyes; “Some days they were a dull gray and others a brilliant blue, but always they were lit up as if she constantly laughed at a joke only she understood. Her thin lips rested upon her face, slightly curved upward, waiting to join her eyes in silent laughter.” When I wrote this, I thought that this is the woman I would love to be; the woman with a secret happiness in her soul, hidden behind blue curtains, that would drive any man crazy just to get even the slightest hint at what that secret might be. Well, what happened today was that I was given a compliment that reminded me of this character. I was going about my normal routine when for a split second I locked eyes with an acquaintance and he said to me, “You know, you look like you’re always on the verge of a smile, like your eyes are always laughing at some knock-knock joke or something; you have that kind of curiosity in them.”  I just had to stop for a minute and absorb all of what he had just said. I thought, these are my words. I wrote these words about someone else and here he is speaking them about me. It was so surreal. I had to remind myself to say “thank you,” but what I wanted to do was hug him tight and never let go. Today, for a fraction of a second, fantasy become reality; today, I was able to add a bit more magic into my own story.


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