Altruism VS Egoism


Many people like to say that the world is divided between good and evil, but they’re wrong. There can be good in what seems evil, and likewise there can be evil in what seems good. The true division in the world is the choice between acting on altruism or egoism. Should you act to promote yourself or should you work to promote others? A lot of people, including myself, look at the time they are given and they think that it is too short to matter. We think, I am just a single being trapped in one tiny corner of the universe, how can anything I do ever make a real difference in this world?  And if nothing we do really matters, why spend our time doing anything that doesn’t promote ourselves? What’s the crime in being selfish? What’s the crime in slipping into the closer parking space, or eating the last piece of chocolate cake, or spending your excess money on a personal vacation? And not only that, but what’s the point in trying to make others happy or trying to save the world, if you know that it’s only fleeting, it’ll resort back to misery as soon as you release your grip? What’s the point in giving the homeless man money if he’s only going to spend it on his addiction? What’s the point in speaking out against environmental issues if you know that more than half the world isn’t listening? What’s the point in wasting your energy on trying to make the world a better place when you could just work on making your place a better world? I guess there’s really no good answer to this, but that’s because it’s not a question at all, it’s a choice.

I know that my words are quiet and I know that my actions are small, but even the tiniest steps of the staircase still lead upward. When I choose to act on altruism, it’s because I know that what I do for others matters so much more than what I do for myself. Why buy myself another item I can live without, when I could put my money towards a cause that matters? Why waste my life on selfish pursuits when I could donate my time to those who are truly in need? For me, it has never been about learning to cherish what I have because others have so much less; I am already thankful for all that I have. No, for me, it is about finding out how to give the less fortunate every opportunity that I have been blessed with. Why should I have so much and they have so little? The answer is so that I should have the pleasure of sharing my wealth, wisdom, and happiness with them. I choose altruism because I have the ability and resources to do so.


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