A Feminist is Born

Being a woman is hard. Nobody would ever contradict that statement. Even if you take away all the physical factors — pregnancy, periods, menopause, greater body fat percentages —  you’re still left with a plethora of psychological factors that we deal with on a daily basis.

Today was yet another trying day for me in the world of men. I was once again (yes, this has happened multiple times) faced with the accusation that because I was 21 years of age and a virgin I must be asexual. I was so furious that the only thing I could say, before running away to my apartment, was “are you fucking kidding me?” [I left him with that dumbfounded expression that men typically receive when they can’t for the life of them figure why us overly-emotional women are upset.] And so, as I laid there in bed, waiting for the tears to come, letting doom sink in and self-pity surround me— I immediately sat back up to a sitting position and grabbed a pen and paper. This is what I wrote:

I will not cry for this. I will not give in to the sorrow that has taken so many before me. I am strong, and instead I will rise. I will be strong for every woman who has ever been ostracized for her prudence. I will be strong for every woman who has ever been victimized by unfair judgement. I will be strong for every woman who has let a man make her feel inferior, worthless, and/or inept. Call me what you will, but remember that I will never again be susceptible to your words. From here on out, I listen only to the positive affirmations that stem from my own self-perception. I am not pretty, I am courageous. I am not beautiful, I am glorious. I am not sexy, I am wise, compassionate, capable, resilient, resourceful, and self-reliant. I define myself, nobody else has that power. I will not simply endure man’s world; I will transform it to suit my own agendas.